10 Tips For Online Contractor Marketing

Contractors can benefit from the exponentially growing digital marketing landscape, especially since people nowadays go online and gather research and resources before buying anything, or hiring anyone for a job they want done. It’s all about finding the right balance between online and offline marketing.

As daunting as digital marketing is, we can help you increase your client base with our basic digital marketing strategies. Here are 10 online marketing tips for contractors:

  1. Create a good website

Your website represents who you are and your brand. These days it only takes a person 0.05 seconds to give their snap judgement on a website. This means that an aesthetically pleasing website will likely gain more clients. Your website’s aesthetic is crucial to building a client base online, because British researchers analyzed 94% of a client’s first impression will be based on your website design. get a good web designer to help you create a website that’s pleasing to consumers and can represent you and your brand fully.

  1. SEO

Have you ever wondered how some pages end up on the first page of Google search, while others don’t? Well, that’s because these websites have a reliable search engine optimization strategy or SEO to get them their spot on the first page. Using Google’s Keyword Tool is the best way to get the keyword popularity. Make sure that the keywords you use are not too vague as to not confuse your services with anything else. This is vital to any online strategy, don’t hesitate to invest time and money to get a great SEO strategy.

  1. Use visuals

As contractors, you should know how important photos, videos, and graphics are in gaining clients. This is important especially for your website. Before and after photos and videos may seem cliche online, but do know that it actually works. Derek Halpern, explains that before and after photos and videos create a connection, will let you control the story, and let you emphasize the journey of how better the situation got after hiring you.

  1. It’s all about content

Great content will actually take you places online. It’s vital to know that great content will give you higher chances of getting promoted by Google online. Always publishing informative and useful content will give your website better chances at getting higher rankings.

Blogs are now often used by professionals to add content to their website. It helps with SEO, and strengthen your credibility to any potential clients. It will bring about an impression of authority and expertise in your field. It will also be an opportunity for you to let your clients grasp your personality. Anything from tips on how to build a room, to talking about a step-by-step process in how to build a basement. As long as your content is relevant, informative, and interesting enough, people will continue reading. Don’t forget that people online will appreciate visuals like photos, videos, podcasts, and graphics to engage with your audience. Constantly publishing good content will help you gain a large online community.   

  1. Social media

Research shows that an average person spends at least 2 hours of their time on social media, while teens will spend 9 hours online with 30% of it allocated to social media. It’s the best way to attract more clients, another plus is that it’s free. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Google+, are some of the best sites you can build your online presence. It’s a free marketing tool, the only thing you need to invest is time.

Your profile is where you can post and update people about your projects or services. You can also promote your blog, website, services, or even yourself. It’s also the fastest and easiest way to interact with your clients.

  1. Gather reviews

In order to increase your online credibility, make sure you gather and post online reviews. Ask past clients to post honest and positive reviews on your social media profile and website. The act will get potential clients to recognize you online. This is vital since there is an increase in the number of online patients reading past reviews. Remember to get the consent of your clients before you post their reviews. Good online reviews is an easy and efficient way to get better online visibility and enhance credibility.

  1. Be open for consultations

There many platforms to accept online consultations like skype or google hangouts. The more you consult with your clients the likelihood that they will contact you again for future references. Consulting with your potential clients online is important. It will give you a wider scope of clients have them not worrying about how they might get to your office or confront you face to face. It will also make you seem approachable to your clients.

  1. Build good client relationships

Customer service is valuable since networking and building relationships is key to how you are perceived by clients. Learn the best way you can communicate and interact with your clients. Let them feel appreciated and you’ll gain better online reviews and recommendations. Make all you clients, old and new, feel valued. Making them feel valued online is as important as making them feel it in real life.

  1. Paid ads

Paid ads are a way to enhance brand awareness. Potential clients could be in pursuit online for a good contractor and stumble on your ad that could be the solution to what they’re looking for. Online ad campaigns can differentiate your brand from others. The more exposure you get, the better chances of potential clients recognizing you and your brand. Especially since studies show that 97% of consumers use internet when researching local services. Studies also show that 97% of consumers use internet when researching local services.

  1. Video Marketing

Videos are all the rage now, studies show that last year alone, adults living in the U.S watched videos on their digital devices an average of 1 hour and 16 minutes of video per day. There is no denying the statistics of the ever growing video marketing strategy. Platforms as huge as youtube or vimeo are where people view videos on varying topics.

People from all fields of expertise are now starting incorporate videos in their digital campaigns. It’s all about learning how to sell yourself as a contractor online. Videos can be a platform to introduce yourself to an audience and future clients and give them an impression of you and your expertise. It will put them in a position of being comfortable with you without personally meeting you.

There are many aspects that can affect the way a potential client could perceive your brand. In order to get the best outcome in gaining clients, applying or adapting some of the tips we’ve given to you could change the way your marketing strategy works out. Leave a comment if any of the tips worked for you.