4 Quick & Easy Ways to Create Content

Many times businesses don’t produce content because they think it’s too hard or they feel like they don’t have enough time. Here are 4 quick ways to create content:

1. The Top Ten

Find the top 10 questions or objections that you are constantly asked. Then create either a short video or blog post answering those questions. That way whenever you get those questions again you can easily send them the blog post or video.

2. Turn Questions into Content

Whenever talking to a client, pick out the things they usually ask or what to know. Similar to tip #1 create a video or a blog post, that way when other customers come with the same question you can just direct them to the video or blog post.

3. Showcase Your Customers

Showcase your past clients, share their stories or testimonials. People like stories & there’s a big chance that other customers can relate.

4. Create & Leverage Free Resources

Create free resource. These free resources will help people who maybe can’t afford your services or don’t value them yet. Having these resources will allow people to see and value your work.

Once you have created content you can use it over and over again. It doesn’t matter how many views you get or how big is your audience because in the end you created an asset that later will help clients.