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Who is Just Digital?

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We’re a Los Angeles based digital marketing agency founded in 2012.

We believe sustainable growth starts with a strong marketing foundation. That’s why we first help you with branding, strategy, and building your online presence. Then, we work with you to put systems in place that streamline your business processes, so you can use more of your time to do what you love, and less worrying about how you’re going to get more clients. Once your business has a solid marketing foundation in place, we help you maintain it with simple month-to-month services.

We help clients in a wide variety of industries solidify their marketing foundation, develop their online presence, and put systems in place to grow and sustain their businesses.

At the end of the day, business is about communicating value and sharing that value with your customers. Our marketing solutions help businesses do just that – develop their value proposition, target their Perfect Client, and transfer that value to their Perfect Client using proven tools and methods.

Our team is dedicated to using effective marketing practices to help you grow your business.

We believe in doing the dirty work so that you can focus on doing what you love – running your business. Each of our different backgrounds and perspectives blend together to create a unique marketing strategy designed specifically for your needs.

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Industries We’re Serving

Our broad marketing perspective comes from working with clients across many industries. If you don’t see your industry listed, that’s okay. We believe that building a strong foundation and developing a presence in the digital world can take any business to the next level.


We work with healthcare professionals like plastic surgeons and dentists to position themselves as leading experts in their field.


We work with attorneys to help them broaden their reach and make relevant offers to collect better quality leads.


We help bookkeepers, CPAs, and EAs streamline and automate their systems in order to sustainably grow their businesses.


Working with thought leaders and entrepreneurs alike, we help create valuable content, consistent branding, and optimized online profiles for maximum lead generation.

Our Team


Hugo Fernandez

CEO, Founder

Hugo Fernandez, CEO of Just Digital Inc, helps businesses develop an EPIC marketing strategy and online presence. Hugo has given guest lectures at UCLA and he’s personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their empires. He teaches doctors, lawyers, accountants, business owners and freelancers the secrets to attracting a flood of high paying clients, increasing revenues and creating sustainable marketing campaigns.


Isaac Park

Lead Marketing Director, Social Media Specialist

Isaac is passionate in efficiency, technology, and providing great services. Though he executes and juggles through various tasks, Isaac focuses on three essential roles. 1. Account management, pushing projects forward and providing an excellent client experience. 2. Marketing Automation, using various softwares and resources to market without compromising time. 3. Systemizing and Streamlining, creating systems and processes adjusting and optimizing. In conclusion, Jack of All Trades, Master of (none) Some


Laurice Plando

Senior Designer

Laurice is the team’s backbone for all things graphics and lives by the design philosophy that less is more and…that whitespace should be ‘worshipped’. With a skilled hand and a trained yet intuitive eye for beauty, she specializes in illustration, web design, and layout design, while integrating principles of UX and UI design to bridge the gap between form and function. Beyond life in front of the computer, she feeds her desire for learning and adventure by, as an active volunteer while nourishing her love for theatre, music, literature and the liberal arts.

Era Tumaob

Senior Front End Developer, Customer Support Supervisor

Era is a graduate of BS Computer Science from the University of the Philippines, the country’s top University. Right after graduation, she joined the web development industry where she experienced working on a variety of web application frameworks. She fell in love with WordPress the 1st time she started working on it and decided to focus on it. Currently the web developer of Just Digital Inc., she uses her expertise in building professional websites to help their clients gain more customers and help their business grow.


Lorence Iwata

Social Content Designer

Lorence aspires to one day be a rockstar, but his creative outlet also include video editing and design. His favorite softwares, aside from using Chrome to watch YouTube videos of his favorite bands, are softwares included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Lorence collaborates with the Content Producer to ensure quality, well-designed content are produced for clients.


Keisha Pulido


Keisha specializes in writing content. Keisha loves reading books on copywriting and writing copy that converts! Her favorite copywriters include: Dan Kennedy and Brian Clark. Keisha produces lead magnets, blog posts, product descriptions, and website and landing page copy that are catered to each client and industry.


Ian Wells


Ian is a visual specialist from Bellingham, Washington. He has worked in Los Angeles for the past 5 years working on commercials ranging all the way to short films. Ian has experiences working with aerial drones and is an expert in underwater cinematography. He is a talented, stoic professional ideal for any idea needing a creative, visual treatment.

Enoch Kim

Digital Content Producer

Enoch creates, designs, and produces content for website and social media use. Enoch started creating content for his local church and naturally picked up video editing skills and a good eye for aesthetics. He is an expert in creating, curating, and planning content for clients. His favorite editing software in order are: Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, & Adobe Photoshop.

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