Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

Life online moves at a different pace. Everything is faster, trends come and go, and things are constantly changing.

Digital marketing moves at the same speed. Marketing goes with the trends and what’s in that month or week. It’s sometimes hard to keep up, unless you have a few good resources.

The best way is to keep tabs on credible, reliable, and compelling marketing blogs, but how do you know which ones are credible? That’s where we can help.

We’re sharing with you seven of the most follow-worthy marketing blogs. Don’t waste any more time – start scrolling!



Want to keep posted on digital marketing for big brands? Visit Digiday. It covers and examines digital marketing on a larger scale and discusses how big brands use digital marketing to their advantage. Digiday also produces other content such as job postings, events, and product awards.


Neil Patel 

What used to be KissMetrics is now run by Neil Patel. This guy has a wide breadth of expertise. He produces all around content like analyses on marketing data and content production. He also produces a variety of content formats such as videos and podcasts on his website, so consume how you want – it all depends on your preference.


Content Marketing Institute

This digital marketing blog produces original content marketing research. They come up with compelling articles and delve into marketing trends and how-to’s on content strategy. Their posts are binge-worthy, original, witty, and up-to-date. If you want to learn how to create and implement an effective and quantifiable content marketing strategy, visit Content Marketing Institute.


Marketing Land

This website has ALL the breaking news on all things digital marketing. They upload daily news and publish tips and strategies you can incorporate into your own marketing campaigns. They also publish articles written by experts in various fields. If you want to be the first on upcoming launches, marketing news, and announcements visit Marketing Land.



Employee advocacy is a huge part of the marketing business. It helps to create an aligned culture for your company and allows your employees to engage in your campaign. Smarp covers this particular topic thoroughly. Their blog features topics such as company culture and mindset. They also publish a lot of how-tos and articles that are written by experts in the field.


Moz Blog

If your main priority is your SEO, you will love Moz Blog. They will teach you all the ins and outs of SEO, from technical issues to content. They also post a lot of SEO updates and the mechanics behind it. Moz Blog will make it easier for you to amp up your SEO strategy and practice.


Social Media Examiner

If your main concern is social media, then as the name suggests, the Social Media Examiner is the best site to visit. They cover all social media platforms and feature different social media experts. Their posts range from expert interviews, case studies, latest news, and podcasts.

And that’s the top marketing blogs on all things digital! Whatever marketing direction you take, use these blogs as a resource and you’ll stay up to date on all the latest trends.

Happy marketing!

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