Google Digital Garage Review 2017

Whether you’re a business owner looking to take your digital knowledge to the next level, or a digital marketing professional seeking to polish up your skills, Google Digital Garage is a great place to start.

Google Digital Garage is a completely free resource for learning online marketing fundamentals. You can customize a learning plan that consists only of topics that are relevant to you, or complete all 26 topics for the full experience.

Topics include things like:

  • Improve your search campaigns (search engine marketing)
  • Find success with analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Make mobile work for you (mobile marketing)
  • Get noticed locally (creating a local search presence)

Each topic takes around 45-75 minutes to complete. That being said, the whole course can be completed in 20 hours or less. If you feel proficient in some or all of the topics, you’ll be able to speed through the course more quickly.

Google makes it convenient for people to work through this course at their own pace. There are no deadlines or assignments to stress over. You simply work through the topics whenever you want, on any device you want. Each topic includes short video tutorials (averaging around 4 minutes) walking you through the concepts. The course includes explanations of the concepts themselves, followed by clear, real-world examples to help you see the concepts in action.

Topics are broken down into smaller lessons

If you prefer to read instead of watch, Digital Garage also gives you the option of skimming through a text transcript of the video. Reading the text is much faster, but the videos are entertaining and fun to watch. You can also speed up or slow down the videos to your preferred pace.

Easily track your progress via the Dashboard


  • Focused and easy-to-digest lessons that are clear and concise
  • Short 2-6 minute videos with option to view transcript
  • Lesson summaries that capture main ideas
  • Additional resources offered throughout each topic (Documents breaking down Digital Jargon, Search Engine Optimization, etc.)
  • Progress indicators to track progress if you jump around between different courses


  • Based in the United Kingdom, not all statistics/examples are relevant if you’re in the US
  • Can only be certified if you take all of the topics and pass the final exam
    • If you skip just one topic, you won’t be allowed to take the final exam

Once you finish all 26 topics, you have the option to take the certification exam which tests your knowledge of the main ideas from each of the lessons. The certification is a valuable asset to add to your resume or CV to demonstrate your mastery of foundational digital skills. Overall, Digital Garage is a great program for students, job seekers, young professionals, and established businesspeople alike to brush up on their digital knowledge.


Michelle Lin

Michelle is a recent UCLA graduate energized by meaningful conversations, creative outlets, and strong coffee. She currently works as an assistant marketing manager at Just Digital Inc, where she uses her knowledge of web content writing, social media, and SEO to help clients get attention and grow their customer base.