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Instagram Marketing Service
We engage with your potential audience on your behalf and attract them to your Instagram profile and your website. Our powerful growth strategy engages with your existing and new followers to promote your brand. With our laser focused targeting capabilities you can target your audience by Location (city, states or countries), Hashtags or Competition accounts. What You Get:
  • An Instagram marketing partner!
  • Engagement and outreach on a daily basis
  • Direct messaging - up to 50 messages to your most engagedfollowers.
  • Real and measurable growth with bi-weekly reports on progress
  • Targeted and strategic marketing: We’ll help you identify the engageusers who want your products/ services, we’ll set up to 20 targets.
    • Competition Targeting
    • Hashtag Targeting
    • Location Targeting
  • Drive more traffic to your business! Convert instagram followers intocustomers by sending them to your landing pages, offers,e-commerce sites or your website.
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