Apex Tax Defense

Apex Tax Defense, LLC is committed to providing relief for business and individuals who are struggling with the IRS. They help clients resolve problems with delinquent taxes, bank levies, payroll tax issues, and more. They make sure to keep clients informed as taxpayers and work to come up with the best solution for each unique case.


Mike Moran, The “Tax Killer”


Apex Tax Defense

Strategy, Website Design and Development, Advertising

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Web Design

We helped Apex Tax Defense redesign their Wix site and migrate it to Wordpress. We chose to use a dark blue color palette with pops of orange for their website. We created a homepage as well as several secondary pages for this project. A unique feature of this website design is the slider in the services page. It has a subtle “tab” bar on top, and arrows on either side; both options are clickable.

Having a clean, responsive website encourages prospects to reach out and contact Apex Tax Defense about their services. The click-to-call buttons, clearly displayed service offerings, and persuasive copy on their new website make it easier for people to learn about their business and more willing to reach out.




We chose a font pairing that combines modern with a friendly touch of classic. Churchwell and Hedman are both professional, straightforward yet down-to-earth people and we wanted the website to reflect that through the typography as much as the overall laid-back viridian green that characterizes the CH brand.