Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn designs and manufactures image stabilization equipment for Film and TV industries. They create gyro-stabilized robust, reliable and powerful robotic systems that meet and exceed demanding expectations of filmmakers producing commercials, music videos, feature films, TV shows, news and sporting events.

We designed and developed an international website that translates fluently into Chinese and Russian to position Black Unicorn as a world-wide leader in image stabilization equipment. The website is integrated with social media integrations as well as analytics for optimized growth.


Black Unicorn Companies



Branding, Web Design and Development, SEO, Social Media Management

The Black Unicorn Aesthetic

Although Black Unicorn does not operate mainly as a video company per se, we wanted to convey their [strong presence / importance] in the industry (as well as add a splash of color every now and then) by transforming the default cursor into a red viewfinder upon hovering over images.


Stylized and Accentuated Design

The dynamic and adventurous personality of Black Unicorn is strongly reflected in the layout design we did in several of the inner pages—by overlapping elements one [after] the other. The addition of mechanical illustrations of the Black Unicorn equipment help in visualizing the product as well as add interest without over-compensating or taking away too much attention by veering away from the products [themselves].