Churchwell Hedman Tax Group

CH Tax Group is an accounting firm located in Joplin, Missouri. They consult with new and existing clients for their personal or business needs. Whether it be for tax planning, preparation, or resolution purposes, they want to make sure their clients are prepared and informed about their tax situation.

We created a custom website that will serve as a long term business asset for CH Tax Group. This website is designed with marketing in mind – in other words, it’s optimized for conversions. It is fully responsive and mobile friendly, including clear calls to action, compelling web copy, and a valuable lead magnet. All of these new elements of their business will ultimately help them thrive in the tax industry.


Chris Churchwell & Caley Hedman


Churchwell-Hedman (CH) Tax Group

Strategy, Website Design, Lead Magnet

CHTax Hero Img


We chose a font pairing that combines modern with a friendly touch of classic. Churchwell and Hedman are both professional, straightforward yet down-to-earth people and we wanted the website to reflect that through the typography as much as the overall laid-back viridian green that characterizes the CH brand.