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The Just Digital team produces effective ad campaigns that help brands grow and reach a wide range of consumers.
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Why Hire An Advertising Agency?

Spark people’s awareness and keep them interested by producing engaging and timeless advertising campaigns. Let your brand be seen and heard by your market.

We create eye-catching ad campaigns that drive sales. Our team can come up with advertising strategies that help build your brand a solid foundation. We start by evaluating your current efforts, website, and profiles, then develop ads that work cohesively to create more opportunities for your business.

Why Advertising:

  • It’s a medium you can control
  • Helps target ideal customers
  • Builds awareness for your brand
  • Increases credibility
  • Amplifies what your produce


  • Increases sales
  • Educates consumers
  • Communicates your value proposition
  • Sets brands and products apart
  • Proves expertise
  • Builds trust
  • Communicates your message
  • Introduces new products, services, or brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising introduces your brand to the market. It helps you create your brand’s image and identity. You can communicate your message and reasons why consumers should choose your brand through different ad campaigns. Advertising can also set your company apart from the competition. To sum it up, advertising is a key component to building a successful business.

It will take time, usually longer than you think. There are a lot of aspects to consider, like whether you’re an established brand or a new one, or what products or services you offer. These are things that may affect the results of your ad campaigns.

Hiring an ad agency can help you track and optimize your ad campaigns. It will be easier for you to get measurable results. An ad agency will also make sure your ad is effective and that you get your message across. It’s a big help to have an agency to manage and optimize your ads so you can focus on the business.

The right advertising agency is never too expensive. Working with an agency like us will ultimately save you more money than you think. Not only will you save time and effort trying to get your ads just right and managing the campaigns that are brining the most ROI, but also the right agency will help grow your business and make you more money! You will also leverage the years of experience, data, and expertise when a professional advertising agency manages your campaigns. Sounds interesting? Contact us today, we’re a top-rated Advertising agency in Los Angeles.

It depends on your goal and the results you want. Advertising is an investment and a crucial part of your budget. You can collaborate with our team and together we can set up a feasible budget for you. After that, we can proceed to drafting an ad campaign that’s realistic to your expectations. It’s our job to find a way to make sure that budget accomplishes your goals.

Our rule of thumb: Your total marketing budget should be between 10-20% of gross revenue. 

3-Step Growth Discovery Process

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Speak with one of our Advertising experts to discover if this is the right strategy for your business. The goal of this call is to have an open and honest conversation to explore growth opportunities with a strategic marketing plan.

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Once we learn a little bit about your business and confirm if Advertising is the right marketing strategy, our team will design and propose a more in-depth marketing execution plan depending on your goals and target metrics.

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Just Digital makes Advertising easy. We're ready to help you with your digital marketing needs with one goal in mind – to get you results. The success of our clients is the success of our agency, and that’s why we’ll do everything to help you win online.

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