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A social media marketing agency like Just Digital can help you reach more customers through effective social media marketing. The Just Digital team helps you create valuable content you can leverage over and over again to shorten sales cycles for new customers and keep past customers engaged with your brand. If you want to use social media to get more customers, schedule a social media management consultation now.
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Why Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social media marketing is a powerful way to increase brand visibility. Social media marketing grants you the power to reach prospects and customers from all over the world.

Plenty of people are already engaging with different brands on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms allow you to interact directly and publicly with your audience. Mixing content marketing with social media marketing leads to an increase in shares and success in sales.

The Just Digital team can help you with social media management and strategic content creation to grow your audience and reach new prospects. Looking great on the platforms your customers hang out on will help you establish trust and credibility.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing:

  • Helps drive targeted traffic
  • Social media boosts SEO
  • Increases interaction with customers
  • Saves you time curating or creating content for your audience
  • Increases brand credibility and loyalty


  • Brand recognition
  • Cost effective
  • Higher conversion rates
  • You get to know your audience
  • Gain marketplace insights
  • Provide better customer service
  • Assists in link building
  • Perform retargeting ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is on social media. A huge chunk of everyone’s time is dedicated to scrolling through their feed. If you want to get your brand noticed, social media is the place to be.

A social media post is content you share on social media platforms for people to see organically, while an ad is paid and targeted for a specific audience. You can boost your social media content by paying to reach people who don’t follow your social accounts.

It all depends on your marketing goals and your demographic. Facebook is great if you want to reach more people. It’s also the platform most adults use. Instagram reaches a younger demographic and posts are more focused on visuals. Know your audience, then focus on the platform they use the most.

This will depend on the platforms you use, but daily is usually the recommendation. Twitter and Pinterest allow you to post more frequently, but you should watch over-posting on Facebook and Instagram. The stories feature on these platforms allow you to push out content throughout the day that’s more flexible and fun. 

This really depends on your budget and your marketing goals. The higher the budget, the better the results.

3-Step Growth Discovery Process

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Speak with one of our social media marketing experts to discover if this is the right strategy for your business. The goal of this call is to have an open and honest conversation to explore growth opportunities with a strategic marketing plan.

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Once we learn a little bit about your business and confirm if social media marketing is the right marketing strategy, our team will design and propose a more in-depth marketing execution plan depending on your goals and target metrics.

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Just Digital makes social media marketing easy. We're ready to help you with your digital marketing needs with one goal in mind – to get you results. The success of our clients is the success of our agency, and that’s why we’ll do everything to help you win online.

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